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One dozen hearts $50

V-day 1.jpg

Ice Cream Scoops
3 Scoops = $20
4 Scoops = $25

v-day scoop.jpg

Heart platter  $45

V-day 4.jpg

Tic Tac Toe $12

v-day ttt.jpg

Jar of mini hearts $15

DIY kit $30

V-day 2.jpg
V-day 3.jpg

Mini cookie card sets!  These make great class Valentine's Day treats!
$3.25 each for 1-9
$3.00 each for 10-19
$2.75 each for 20+

V-day 9.jpg
V-day 10.jpg
V-day 11.jpg
V-day 12.jpg

We go together like... sets  $18

V-day 7.jpg
V-day 5.jpg
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