While during a regular year we would request graduation orders be place at least on month ahead of time, we do understand that this is an exceptional year.  We do request that you try to make your order as soon as possible, preferably two weeks out, but at least one week  would be okay.   We are already getting fairly full for the end of May. 

High School $45/dozen (this is actually a Bakers Dozen of 13 total cookies due to the size of the scroll cookies).

  • 2 x grad gowns ( you can add 2 cords and choose gown color)

  • 2 x grad caps (with or without name/year)

  • 1 x logo cookie (either high school logo or future college/military branch)

  • 1 x Future (insert school or military branch mascot here, for example Future Knight for UCF)

  • 2 x Class of 2020 (or 2024 if geared more towards future plans)

  • 1 x Congratulations (or Congrats) student's name

  • 2 x graduation scrolls

  • 2 x graduation quote/saying

College $45/dozen. Grad caps and gowns will be in black unless otherwise specified.

  • 2 x grad caps (with or without names)

  • 2 x grad gowns (you can add two cords or hood colors)

  • 1 x full diploma cookie w/ name, school, and degree (please specify all information when ordering)

  • 2 x Class of 2020

  • 1 x Congratulations (or Congrats) student's name

  • 1 x logo cookie

  • 1 x school letters cookie

  • 2 x graduation quote/saying

Add Ons

  • Additional logo cookies will be $4 or $5 depending on the details of the logo.

  • Additional school letter cookies will be $3.75 each.

  • Additional full diploma cookies will be $4 each.

  • Coordinating basic designs in the colors to match each grad set can be added to the
    orders for $3.50 each or $42/dozen.

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