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If you are planning on cookies for your graduation celebration, we strongly suggest getting on the calendar ASAP.  Thank you for your continued support.

High School 

$60/dozen including individual wrapping (this is actually a Bakers Dozen of 13 total cookies due to the size of the scroll cookies). Also available- Graduation minis- 2 inch cookies are $60 for 24 minis. 

High school sets can be the colors of the high school or the future college/university.  If you order a high school set and would like to add a college/university logo, please see the add -on cookie pricing below.

  • 2 x grad gowns ( you can add 2 cords and choose gown color)

  • 2 x grad caps (with or without name/year)

  • 1 x school logo cookie

  • 1 x Future (insert school or military branch mascot here, for example Future Knight for UCF)

  • 2 x Class of 2024 (or 2028 if geared more towards future plans)

  • 1 x Congratulations (or Congrats) student's name

  • 2 x graduation scrolls

  • 2 x graduation quote/saying



$60/dozen including individual wrapping. Grad caps and gowns will be in black unless otherwise specified.

  • 2 x grad caps (with or without names)

  • 2 x grad gowns (you can add two cords or hood colors)

  • 1 x full diploma cookie w/ name, school, and degree (please specify all information when ordering)

  • 2 x Class of 2024

  • 1 x Congratulations (or Congrats) student's name

  • 1 x logo cookie

  • 1 x school letters cookie

  • 2 x graduation quote/saying


Add Ons

  • Additional logo cookies will be $5 or $6 depending on the details of the logo.

  • Additional school letter cookies will be $4 each.

  • Additional full diploma cookies will be $5 each.

  • Coordinating basic designs in the colors to match each grad set can be added to the
    orders for $3.75 each or $45/dozen.

Graduation Platter

The graduation platter is offered as shown, however you can choose the grad cap color to coordinate with your graduate.  The platter is offered in the following options:

  • $47 for the cookies to be packaged in a container for you to plate at your event.

  • $50 for the cookies to be packaged on a platter wrapped in cellophane.  

grad platter.jpg
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