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As we grow and learn we have added to our ordering policies.  Please understand that all of our policies are in place to assure our customers that they are getting the best possible order from us without compromise.

We love orders placed as far in advance as possible, this secures a space for our customer on our calendar.  Do not hesitate to place your order well in advance of your event, it is not uncommon for us to hold a date 6-8 months in advance.

  • All orders must be placed at least two weeks prior to your event, one month if you are ordering five or more dozen.  If we have space in our calendar and time in our schedule we may be able to accommodate orders within one week of the event, however moving forward we will no longer be able to accommodate orders within five or less days.  

  • If we are able to accommodate orders within a week, we will need to add a rush charge to your order.  Please understand that rush orders often require us to rearrange our cookie calendar and/or personal plans in order to make the rush order happen.  

  • During busy times of the year (holidays, graduations) we will have deadlines and limitations in place with regards to ordering.  We may require more than two weeks notice, so please pay attention to updates on our website and social media pages for those announcements.  

  • Orders of one dozen cookies includes up to four different designs and a maximum of four colors.  If more than four (or eight for two dozen or more) designs are requested there will be an added charge.   

  • Any design changes need to be communicated to us with at least 10 days notice.  Any changes within the week the order is due will result in a charge of 20% of the total order. 

  • Please make sure to look at your invoice carefully and inform us of any errors or missing requests.  When payment is made upon receipt of the invoice, we consider this approval of the invoice as written.  

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