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We had a GREAT time at Cookie Con 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky!  We got into the DERBY spirit!

Although we have been great friends for many years, in 2017 we realized that baking and decorating cookies is a shared passion.  We enjoyed creating beautiful cookies for family and friends, but when people started asking us to create cookies for their own events, we had an epiphany that we could actually start a second career with this cookies stuff! In February of 2018 Purple Tulip Artisan Cookies was born!  The two of us continue to be the greatest of friends, but we are also the best of partners in this amazing and continually growing venture of ours.  We sincerely hope that you will give us the opportunity to become part of your next special occasion.  

                                        -Amanda & Holly


We are a cottage food business.  As a cottage food business we are adherent to certain guidelines.  All orders must be picked up in Longwood or Winter Springs.  The cottage food laws of Florida have recently changed, and we are now allowed to ship across the entire country!  

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